Please be sure to read this information fully and thoroughly, as well as follow all recommended instructions to ensure you receive your custom unit exactly as you wish. This will ensure you avoid any unnecessary issues that would cause your end result, and overall experience with FLY HONEY WIGS to be less than satisfactory.

In the event you require clarification or any further information regarding anything involved in this process or not included in the given details below, we encourage you to contact us with any inquiries PRIOR to beginning the process.

Fly Honey Wigs strives to provide the best quality constructed unit to your custom specifications and we want you to be fully informed, and pleased with your unit.



A U-part wig unit is simply a modified half wig composed and created with weft hair extensions where hair is sewn to a cap in the same fashion of traditional sewn installs. The unit has a “U” shaped cut out at the top and exist so small amounts of the wig wearer’s natural hair can be used to cover  the wefts (tracks). U-part wigs can typically be installed and/or attached to the head with the use of clips and combs or sewn down.

The u-part wigs are all made the same way.  You can shift your unit to the side for a side part(video below).  Please include if you would like your u-shape small(for very little leave out), medium or large.  MEASUREMENTS ARE NEED FOR U-PART WIGS!!!



A Full Wig is composed with weft hair extensions sewn to a cap in the same fashion of traditional sewn installs and is composed just like the U-part Wig with the exception of the “U” shape cut out being left open  at the top. Full Wigs are closed and covered at the top with the use of a closure unit.  A closure is an oblong shaped durable transparent or slightly flesh tinted lace base with hair attached intended for use when closing any full head weave or use with closing a wig unit.  Closures can be placed directly on top or on the side of your install depending  on your custom preference and provide the look of a natural looking parting in the hair which is often optional  for placement as a middle or side part. Full Wigs with closures allow easy on installs and can be easily removed and reinstalled daily without sewing the unit down.  For full wigs with closure attached you must purchase and provide your own closure unit along with your hair of choice to be used. Fly Honey Wigs recommends getting a closure unit that either matches the weft hair extensions exactly or any closure unit that is as close as possible in texture and curl pattern.



Fly Honey Wigs ONLY USES JAPANESE SWIM CAPS  FOR ALL UNITS. Please do not request or send any other cap for the composition of your unit as Fly Honey Wigs provides the dome cap to all customers who purchase a custom wig unit of either type. Dome caps and Japanese swim caps provide a snug but comfortable fit, durability, and make install simple, easy, and fast.

All Fly Honey Wig Unit compositions and services include intense deep conditioning and are return shipped in READY-TO-WEAR condition. Since the hair contents for your wig unit will be thoroughly deep conditioned and cleansed in the process of being composed; cowashing, shampooing, and any other form of prep for hair contents is not necessary or required prior to shipment of hair contents.

Wig units can be composed with the hair of your choice in any curl pattern, texture, and length(s). Fly Honey Wigs recommends using any good quality virgin hair or nothing less than a high quality Beauty Supply Store Remy Human Hair.

Fly Honey Wigs does not compose wigs with synthetic hair fibers, synthetic blend human hair, or extreme low quality processed human hair.


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