When is my payment due for my Fly Honey Wig?
-All payments are due prior to sending the hair to Fly Honey Wigs. Turn around times start from the date your hair is received, if your payment has been made. If payment is not made once hair is received, turn around time starts from the date that the payment is made. THERE IS NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED TO GET A CUSTOM FLY HONEY WIG MADE!

Where do I send my hair, and how do I begin the process of having my Fly Honey Wig Made?
-Please refer to all of the information on the “Policies” tab.

When placing my order, is a frontal cut into a 6.5 to 7 inch closure considered a frontal wig or a closure wig.

When checking out on the website, you would select the closure wig option.  Frontals cut into  a 6.5 to 7 inch closure is considered a closure wig.  Closure wigs don’t come with elastic bands or combs like frontal wigs since it is not needed.

Does Fly Honey Wigs Sell “Premade” or “Gently Used” wigs?
-Fly Honey Wigs does not sell “Premade” or “Gently Used” wigs.  Fly Honey Wigs also does not supply or sell hair/closures/frontals.

Can I get a L-shape, V-Shape, Flip Over Method Wig or 3/4 Wig made?
-FHW “only” makes U-part Wigs, Custom Frontal Wigs and Custom Closure wigs to the standards as stated, indicated, and shown here on the FHW website and various social media outlets. Any “signature” method from another wig composer, company, or person is prohibited. It is advised to request and/or seek the services of any extremely particular method or request from the originator of that respective method. Receiving wig making services from FHW means you are in full understanding and cooperation of all respective offerings of FHW respective standard as stated, indicated, and shown.

Does Fly Honey Wigs Offer International Shipping?
-Yes, Fly Honey Wigs ships worldwide.

Can Fly Honey Wigs recommend companies I can purchase hair from?

Please email flyhoneywigs@yahoo.com with a picture of a desired look and we will recommend a hair company.

Does Fly Honey Wigs Cut and Style U-Part Wigs?
-Due to the fact that Fly Honey Wigs specializes in cutting and styling full wigs with closures, Fly Honey Wigs no longer  offers cuts and style services for u-part wigs.

If I am located in or near the Atlanta or surrounding metro areas, is there a location where I can drop off/pick my hair/wig?
-FHW does not offer a drop off/pick up location. All wigs are shipped. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Does FHW make wigs with previously installed hair?
-FHW does makes wigs with previously installed hair, but if the wefts/tracks are cut there is an additional $25 fee when checking out on the website. FHW will not compose your wig with you’re previously installed hair if you do not or have not selected and paid for the option asking if you are sending cut up wefts.

Does FHW offer international shipping?
-FHW does offer international shipping and you must select the international shipping option when checking out via the FHW website. FHW is not responsible for any additional fees or import taxes applicable to the country of your international ship address. It is advised that you inquire on your own about any additional fees involved with receiving an international shipment to your country PRIOR to planning or completion any sales transaction with FHW. All shipments from FHW ship from the United States.

Can I ship an old wig made from another company/person for Fly Honey Wigs to alter/color/cut etc.
-No. FHW does not accept or alter wig units from any other company or person under any circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Does FHW charge more for 3 or more bundles? 

-FHW charges $15 for each additional bundle over three.  Any hair sent over 12 ounces will be charged for an additional bundle!  If you send 3.5 bundles of hair, you need to select the 4 bundles.  If you send 4.5 bundles of hair, you need to select 5 bundles.

Is there a price difference to get a wig made with 2 bundles of hair?

Does FHW make wigs with hand tied wefts?
-FHW does NOT make wigs with hand tied wefts.

Does FHW make wigs with frontals and 360 frontals?
-Yes, however, FHW only makes frontal/360 frontal wigs for clients with a circumference of 21.5 to 23 inches, ear to ear 12-14 inches, and front to back 12-14 inches.  FHW only supports frontal/360 frontal wigs within the stated measurements. No Exceptions!

Does FHW make full lace wigs?
-No, FHW composes only custom u-part and full wig units with wefted (track) hair extensions and lace or silk base closures. (Closures are used for full wig units)

What is FHW turn around time?
-FHW current regular turn around time is located under the pricing tab. Alternative rush options with quicker turn around times are available for additional costs as stated, indicated, and shown.  TURN AROUND TIMES DON’T INCLUDE WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS!!!

How much does FHW charge to make a custom wig unit?
– There is a base starting price for each types of wig units offered. Prices will vary based upon selection of your custom options . Those selections can include turnaround time selected, the amount of bundles, styling options, and etc. To receive an indication of how much your custom wig unit will be, you must click on the pricing tab and select which type of wig.  Shipping costs options are selected and added during final checkout of your actual payment transaction.) *THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RECEIVE PRICING FOR UNITS FROM FHW. PRICING IS NOT GIVEN VERBALLY, VIA E-MAIL, OR SOCIAL NETWORKING.* NO EXCEPTIONS!

I want to get a FHW so what do I do?
-Follow all of the instructions under the “Policies” tab and make sure you include all of the information indicated and requested when you ship your hair to FHW. If you are having your hair sent directly from a hair company then you will need to email your required information to FHW directly via email at flyhoneywigs@yahoo.com.

Can I receive hair coloring / custom coloring services for my FHW unit?
-YES!  However, hair coloring/ custom coloring slots are limited; email flyhoneywigs@yahoo.com for availability.  The cost for custom color is $150 for three bundles and a closure or frontal.  That is the cost of custom color only.  That cost doesn’t include any wig making services or styling.

Is shipping included in the base price for a FHW?
-No shipping is not included in the base or custom options pricing given via the website. Shipping options are selected and added at final checkout via the FHW website. FHW ships via United States Postal Service (USPS) and Shipping options are as follows: International shipping is $50, Priority Shipping for the US is $15 and Express Next Business Day Shipping for the US is $35.

Does FHW cut the wefts/tracks?
-FHW fold overs the wefts for 90% of U-part wigs and full wigs with closures. However FHW folds over the wefts for 80% of frontal/360 frontal wigs.

Can I get a full wig made without a closure?
-FHW only makes full wigs with closures. Without a closure FHW considers the unit a u-part unit and all u-part units will be composed as such. If you desire a full wig you must purchase a lace or silk base closure for use with the weft hair extensions you send to FHW to have your unit composed. Please see the FHW hair company referrals for options on where you can find and purchase a good quality closure if you are in need of a closure to use with your hair extensions for your full wig unit composition.

Do I need to wash my hair before sending it to FHW?
-No, since deep conditioning is provided in the base price of having a unit composed by FHW, nothing needs to be done to the hair extensions prior to sending them to FHW with the one exception of sealing wefts. FHW DOES NOT seal wefts or offer weft sealing services.

How long will my FHW last?
-That quality of your FHW is only as good as the quality of hair extensions used in its composition along with proper care and maintenance. FHW strongly advises using good quality hair if you intend to maximize the quality and wear life of your FHW unit. A FHW custom unit can last at least a year with proper care and maintenance.

Does FHW provide the hair?
– NO. Fly Honey Wigs DOES NOT provide the hair extensions or the closure. FHW is a company offering custom wig making services as stated, indicated, and shown here on the FHW website. Custom wig units are composed of the hair/closures YOU as the customer provide and send (ship) to FHW to have a custom wig unit made. There is no wig making service offering that includes hair and/or closures. If you need recommendations for options on where to purchase hair extensions and closures please refer to the referrals for various hair companies as indicated on the FHW website or simply refer to the various social media or photo gallery and pick from the numerous hair companies FHW has composed units with. Most units displayed in the photo gallery or social media outlets will always state the respective hair company the hair used in the unit composition came from. If there is no indication of where the hair came from used in a particular unit it is assumed to be unknown or not given by the client or customer.

Does FHW sew through the wefts?
-Fly Honey Wigs only sews through the weft when placing the weft on the wig to secure the weft is tight. FHW sews around the weft for most of the wig.

Does FHW seal the wefts?
-NO. FHW DOES NOT seal wefts nor does FHW offer weft sealing services. Since wig unit installs greatly reduce shedding, weft sealing is not mandatory, however it is a personal preference and if you desire your wefts to be sealed, it would need to be done by yourself or someone else prior to being sent to FHW.

Does FHW repair closures?
-NO. FHW does not repair closures or compose wig units with damaged closures. Even in the event you are using or sending previously installed hair extensions suitable for the composition of your FHW it is advised you purchase and send (ship) a new closure if needed and/or applicable.

Can I get a u-part wig made in bob cut/curl/style?
-NO. FHW offers cut/curl/style options for full wigs with closures and frontals/360 frontal wig units only. No exceptions!

What happens once FHW receives my hair?
-FHW sends out email/picture confirmation of how your hair extensions/closure was received within 24-48 hours of receipt. Please remain patient and allow this time frame after you have tracked your order as successfully received at the FHW ship address.

Can I send in a money order with my hair/closure for payment of my unit from FHW?
-A money order can be sent in with your hair/closure but please make sure to include the shipping cost. Before sending your hair/money order to FHW, YOU MUST PLEASE PLACE AN ORDER ON THE WEBSITE AND SELECT THE MONEY ORDER OPTION.

Can I have hair sent to FHW directly from a vendor/company?
-Hair can be sent to FHW directly from a vendor/company by simply entering the FHW ship address as your shipping address at the time of purchase. The same email/picture confirmation of receipt applies and will be sent within 24-48 or receiving the hair/closure directly from the vendor or hair company.

Can I send in a picture of a look that I am trying to achieve with my hair/closure?
-Yes. Pictures can be also be sent to flyhoneywigs@yahoo.com

Can I get my completed wig unit shipped via DHL, UPS or FedEx?
-FHW only ships via USPS. It is advised you provide a ship address where you have already confirmed can successfully receive your wig unit shipment via USPS prior to making any order or completing any transaction with FHW.  Update: Fly Honey Wigs will ship DHL, UPS or FedEx only if a prepaid label is sent by email.  You would still need to place an order on the website and you will be refunded for the shipping once your prepaid label is sent.

How long does it take for FHW to send me email confirmation once my hair is received?
-FHW sends out email/picture confirmation with 24-48 hours of receiving customer hair/closures.

What is included in the base price of a FHW?
-The hair is deep conditioned and sent back in its natural curl pattern. The base price does NOT cut/curl/style/color/bleach knots/hairline modifications and etc.

If I get a FHW bob do I need to pay to have the hair curled?
-The curling option does not need to be selected for a FHW bob but the hair is sent back with a slight curl.

When will I received confirmation that my completed wig has been shipped out?
-Please give FHW 24 hours to send email/picture confirmation once your completed wig has been shipped.

Does FHW recommend silk or lace closures?
-FHW prefers lace closures for the most natural look, however, a FHW can be made with any closure you desire.

Will FHW bleach or color my silk base closure to match my scalp?
-No, FHW DOES NOT alter the color of a silk base closure. FHW DOES offer knot bleaching for lace closures and that option can be selected via the FHW website when completing checkout payment for your FHW unit.

How do I take my measurements for a FHW?
-The measurement tab is located at the bottom of FHW website.

What are bleached knots and why do I need it?
– Bleaching the knots on the lace closure is done to help create the more natural appearance of hair growing from the scalp which aids blending efforts and is highly suggested but not mandatory. If you desire knot bleaching you simply select the respective option when checking out via the FHW website.

Can my wig be sewn down for more security?
-FHW full wig units are custom fitted via the measurements you provide so provided that your measurements are accurate. U-part units of course are intended to be sew down for wear, however ALL FHW custom u-part and full wigs can be sewn down at your discretion for more security if desired. Combs can also be added to U-part wigs or full wig units for an additional cost.

Can I sleep in my FHW?

Can I swim in my FHW?
-Yes but FHW would recommend sewing the wig down prior.

Can my Custom Made Full Wig With A Closure be pulled up in a high ponytail?
-FHW full wigs can be pulled back in a low ponytail but not up high in a high ponytail since FHW doesn’t sew on the bottom nape/band of the cap.

Does the mesh Japanese mesh swim cap FHW uses have ventilation (breathing holes) of any kind?

Can I send FHW my own cap to use to make my wig?

When is my payment due for my Fly Honey Wig.
-Payment is due once the hair is received by Fly Honey Wigs.  The turn around time will not start until hair is received and the payment is made.  If payment is made after hair is received, the turn around time will start from the date that the payment is made.

Can I switch my closure/frontal out on my Fly Honey Wig?
-NO. A closure/frontal cannot be switched out on a Fly Honey Wig. The closure is what keeps the wig together and the wig would have to be taken apart and remade which would mean normal wig making costs would apply.  You would also need to select the “wig take down” option if you are sending the entire wig to be taken apart and remade.

Can I switch my middle part full wig with a closure to a side part?
YES. A FHW middle part full wig with closure unit can be switched to the side by simply shifting the unit to the position as you desire.

Can I get a u-part wig made with a side part?
-FHW makes all of u-part wigs the same. For a side part u-part look/installation, simply shift your u-part unit into place as you desire. Video demonstration is located on Fly Honey Wigs TV which is located at the bottom of the website.

Can you make my u-part wig so that a closure can be used later or as desired?
-FHW cannot promise that a closure will fit in-between your u-part wig.

What is “Wig Take Down?”
-Wig takedown is taking a previous made wig apart.

Does FHW give discounts (student, birthday, etc)?
-Since FHW offers very reasonable and affordable regular pricing for all services all the time, there is no need to inquire about, request, or expect any special discounts or promotions of any kind at any time nor are special offers, discounts, and promotions given or honored.

Are there any reviews on Youtube for Fly Honey Wigs?
-There are numerous reviews on Youtube for Fly Honey Wigs.

Does FHW use any glue when making FHW?
-Fly Honey Wigs never uses glue in the composition of any wig units.

Does FHW make wigs with blunt cut (Chinese/Fringe) bangs?

What happens to any remaining hair not used in the making of my wig?
-Any and all leftover unused hair is always sent back with your FHW.  FLY HONEY WIGS WILL INSTALL ALL OF THE HAIR THAT IS SENT UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.

What is the most bundles/packs I can get a FHW composed with?

How many bundles/packs of hair does Fly Honey Wigs recommend for a wig?
– The number of bundles/packs needed or recommended for your wig will depend upon many factors continent upon both your desired look and fullness of personal preference and the weight of each hair bundles/packs being used according to length variations. In most instances the same amount used for a standard sewn install are sufficient. For general reference any bundles/packs weighing 3.5 ounces or less each, a recommended minimum of 2 to 3 bundles/packs in any length variations of 10 inches up to 18 inches, 3 to 4 bundles/packs minimum in any length variations of 20 to 24 inches, and 4 to 5 bundles/packs or more as desired for length variations 26 inches and up. For hair in bundles/packs weighing 3.8 – 4 ounces or more each you may use the previous reference and subtract 1 bundle/pack of hair per length variation. If you are unsure what the weight of the bundle/packs of hair are that you are using for your FHW, please reference the vendor or hair company website where the hair was purchased. Most hair companies provide this information in their product descriptions and/or FAQ information. It is advised to stick to the recommendations given here to ensure there is enough hair for your desired look and to cover the wig base. Sticking with these minimum amount recommendations also prevents the density of your FHW from looking too thin. More than the minimum suggested amount of bundles/packs can be used at your discretion or desire for preference of fullness not to exceed eight bundles/packs of hair total used in composition.  FLY HONEY WIGS MAKES WIGS WITH UP TO 8 BUNDLES OF HAIR.  ALL OF THE HAIR THAT IS SENT WILL BE INSTALLED ON THE WIG UNLESS CLIENT STATES OTHERWISE!

Can I get a Fly Honey Wigs Bombshell Bob with Kinky Yaki Hair, Deep Wavy Hair, Coarse Yaki Hair or Deep Curly Hair?
-FHW only makes bobs with straight, loose wave, or body wave textured curl patterns.

Can I get my Deep Curly, Deep Wavy, Kinky Curly, Course Yaki, Tight Curly, Loose Curly Hair Flat Ironed and Curled?
-FHW only curls/flat irons Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Natural Wave Hair patterns.

Can FHW attach an elastic band to my closure or wig?
-FHW will not and does not attach elastic bands to any closure or u-part wig.  Fly Honey Wigs “only” attach elastic bands to frontal wigs.

If I send my hair by (this date) will I get my wig back by (this date).
-Since FHW has nothing to do with the courier timing of the delivery of your hair/closure and turn around times paid for and selected do not begin until after you have received official confirmation of receipt from FHW, it is best to plan ahead for the composition of your unit according to the information mentioned and referenced previously. FHW guarantees no specific timelines for any services outside of what is applicable to the terms as stated, indicated, and shown within the respective information on this website.  FLY HONEY WIGS WILL NOT QUOTE RECEIVE DATES SINCE FLY HONEY WIGS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING TIMES OR DELAYS WITH USPS.  FLY HONEY WIGS WILL ONLY QUOTE SHIP DATE ONCE HAIR IS RECEIVED!!!!!

Can I have my hair sent straight to Fly Honey Wigs from any vendor or hair company? 

-Yes.  Fly Honey Wigs will contact you with email/picture confirmation the night that your hair is received.  Please email Fly Honey Wigs before the hair is sent with the vendors/companies name and hair information.  Fly Honey Wigs address is at a UPS store so packages can be received from DHL, Fed Ex, UPS and USPS.  Special Instructions can be placed in on the website or sent by email (i.e. side or middle part placing, color option, cut/curl options etc….).  Please send all pictures of desired looks by email.

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